domenica 23 ottobre 2011

Math Teachers at Play #43

math teachers at play 43Welcome! I’m Caroline Mukisa from Maths Insider and the host of the the 43rd edition of the Math Teachers at Play carnival!

I’m delighted once again to be presenting a really cool range of math related blog posts and articles. This month, you’ll get to savor math posts related to McDonalds, Dexter, war, an ancient game, an inventor and more!

Do bookmark this page so you can come back and read any of the posts you don’t get time to read right now!

Go read Math Teachers at Play Carnival Number 43 –
Fast Food, Crime Drama and More!

photo by Giulia Forsythe via flickr

2 commenti:

  1. Annarita il link non si apre sono
    passata più di una volta per vedere
    guarda un po' tu
    Bacioni ciao 

  2. Il link si apre, Rosaria, ma ci mette molto a caricare la pagina. Domani lo sostituirò con il link al blog ospite e non al post del Math Teachers at Play Carnival.


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