sabato 22 gennaio 2011

Math Teachers at Play 34

Denise of Let’s Play Math informs us that  the 34th edition of the Math Teachers at Play Carnival is up at Mathematics and Multimedia of Guillermo Bautista who works in a university in the Philippines.

Guillermo writes on his website: "Welcome to the 34th edition of the Math Teachers at Play Carnival. Since it is new year, we will be talking about cakes, best of 2010, and calendars."

Enjoy the whole carnival at Mathematics and Multimedia!

We remind you that the 34th edition of the Carnevale della Matematica will be hosted by Rangle, on February 14.

1 commento:

  1. Cara Annarita, sono passata per leggere  ma 
    ho capito solo una cosa che questo post  parla del 
    Carnevale della Matematica 
    Tutto il resto lo vedo io o è scritto in inglese?
    :-)) Ciao bacione


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